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Lack of Sleep- How It Hurts You


We all know infants and teens need a lot of sleep, because their bodies are changing so rapidly.  But, when we consider adults, and the elderly, we often don’t associate sleep as something we “need”.  Some people are even proud- stating to others, that they only need “5 or 6” hours of sleep.

I recently read a fascinating article regarding our “catastrophic” lack of sleep, and that research shows that it is linked to a host of fatal diseases.  A professor at Berkley states that sleep deprivation affects “every aspect of our biology”.  A lack of sleep has been “linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and poor mental health among other health problems”.  The article goes on to say that anything less than 7 hours of sleep is bad for our health.  Many view the need for more sleep as a trait of being lazy.  In short, the article states that a lack of sleep is killing us, and that we need to change our view of sleep and get more of it on a regular basis!

For more, read the article below.

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Live Life to the Fullest

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Stroke and the Physical Effects


Stroke: Physical effects on either side of the brain

Do you know anyone who has had a stroke?  My father had one years ago and his life was forever changed.  He spent time at a VA hospital and was a very different person for the first few months.  He was bed bound, couldn’t swallow- had to get a temporary feeding tube, and his personality was altered.  Once when I visited him, he was swinging his arms at me like he wanted to fight.

Now, five- six years later, he’s much more “normal”.  He can do very few things for himself like cooking, showering, putting clothes in/out of the washing machine, etc.  He spends a lot of time watching TV and coloring with colored pencils and does a terrific job!

He has never lived independently again.  He has lived in a nursing home or an apartment with help.  Currently, he is in an a apartment and a CNA comes to help him shower a few times per week.  Thank goodness my brothers live in the same town and check in on him daily.  I wish I lived closer and could help.

Above is a good article on the effects of stroke.   If you have a history of strokes in your family like I do, there are many things you can do right now to help prevent a stroke- stop smoking, keep your blood pressure under control, reduce alcohol consumption if you are a big drinker, take actions to reduce stress in your life, loose weight, and increase your daily exercise.

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Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: 75 is the ideal age to die


Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: 75 is the ideal age to die | Fox News Video.

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel says that 75 years old is the ideal age to die…. Why I Hope to Die at 75” — 57-year-old Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel argued that living to be 75 years old was long enough for anyone. After 75, Emanuel suggests, “We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic.”

Yes, it is true that many older adults have Alzheimer’s or are disabled from stroke- but many MORE do not have these issues and are living healthy, independent lives.  Please watch this Fox News video about why Dr. Emanuel’s opinion is pessimistic.

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HBO Film on Health Crisis in America


HBO: The Weight of the Nation: Films: Main.

I was recently reminded of America’s health crisis when I read an article in our local paper about the top 10 ranked states for childhood obesity.  South Carolina (my state) was ranked 2nd in the nation for childhood obesity, and 10th in the nation for overall obesity.

This is a topic that is difficult to discuss because no one wants to come across as judgmental. However, the percentage of children with diabetes has been on the rise for many years now. Children who are obese, turn into adults who are obese (more often than not). This leads to a whole range of health problems for people of all ages- children turn into adults, and adults turn into seniors. Obesity increases your risk for: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and even things you wouldn’t even consider…. like pain in the joints from excess weight. Read the rest of this entry »

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What your doctor wishes you would stop doing


What your doctor wishes you would stop doing | Watch the video – Yahoo News.

In this video, an ER nurse makes suggestions to those who may experience a health crisis.  These few tips may help save your life.

DON’T call 911 from a cell phone if you can help it.  A land-line will automatically produce an exact location to dispatchers and cell phones are more likely to have a sound that isn’t as clear (a static sound).

DON’T drive yourself to the hospital.  You risk injuring other drivers on the road if you were to become incapacitated while driving.  If you call 911, you can receive medical treatment while in route to the hospital.  This might help save your life, depending on the situation.

If you have symptoms of a stroke (see DON’T wait- seek immediate medical attention.  There is a three hour window where your long-term prognosis is good.  The longer you wait, the poorer the outcome.

For the full article, please watch the video.

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My Dad’s Favorite Thing: Coloring

Coloring Books: Coloring fun and challenges for all ages.

Do you have a loved one who has had a stroke?  Over the past few years, my father has had multiple strokes and was placed in a nursing home at the age of 65.  He is bed-bound and can do very little on his own.  He isn’t a fan of watching TV or reading.  So, how does he fill his day?  He practices his hand coordination by writing words and coloring.  It may sound a little nuts that an adult (much less a man) spends so much time coloring.  I’m actually proud of him for working to improve his hand strength.  I can connect with the fun of coloring because I have done various artwork over the years. Read the rest of this entry »

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