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How Basic Math Practice Can Help a Senior With Dementia


Here is a photo of my grandmother at age 95.  She has dementia and lives at an assisted living facility.  She is unable to care for her daily needs, such as going to the restroom, bathing and requires full assistance getting dressed.  She is no longer aware of society around her- she doesn’t know the name of the state she lives in, or the town.  She cannot recall the names of most of her family members.

She is however, able to recall her basic math facts!  She writes her answers slowly but really seems to enjoy the simple job of adding.  She is able to add numbers up to 20.  She can do some subtraction, but that is more challenging.  Working on the math sheets helps fill her day.  When she is praised for completing a sheet, she will look into your eyes and smile (something really special).

If you have a loved one like my grandmother, consider purchasing some basic math fact books- my grandmother can do Kindergarten level and some 1st grade.  Consider making copies, as my grandmother is happy to complete the same pages over and over.

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After Death, Who Inherits Credit Card Debt?

After Death, Who Inherits Credit Card Debt? | Fox Business.
Do you have an elderly family member who has credit card debt?  Or, do you have a loved one who recently died who had credit card debt?  If so, you might be interested in reading this article about who inherits credit card debt after the death of a loved one.

Discussing finances with a loved one can be stressful, but is well worth avoiding even greater problems in the future.  We all know that paying off your credit card is good for many reasons (increasing your credit scores, living within your means, etc).  Preventing your loved ones from having to carry your debt is just another good reason to pay it off!

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My Dad’s Favorite Thing: Coloring

Coloring Books: Coloring fun and challenges for all ages.

Do you have a loved one who has had a stroke?  Over the past few years, my father has had multiple strokes and was placed in a nursing home at the age of 65.  He is bed-bound and can do very little on his own.  He isn’t a fan of watching TV or reading.  So, how does he fill his day?  He practices his hand coordination by writing words and coloring.  It may sound a little nuts that an adult (much less a man) spends so much time coloring.  I’m actually proud of him for working to improve his hand strength.  I can connect with the fun of coloring because I have done various artwork over the years. Read the rest of this entry »

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Poem- Cranky Old Man

The Wise Old Man.
This poem is taken from another site and is quite inspirational.  (Scroll down on their site for the full poem.  Its worth the read.)
It is called  “Cranky Old Man”.  It is a good reminder for all who work with seniors to remember the young person inside– to always give the respect and honor that is due… to remember the life they once had.  If caregivers ONLY see the senior as an “old” person who is helpless and even difficult to care for at times…then care giving will be ten times more challenging.  But, when you consider the person they have been MOST of their life, (prior to getting frail and sick) then you have a fresh and much healthier perspective.  You can then see the senior for who they are….. someone who is unique, special, and deserves good care.  Someone, at a different time and place…you might have been really great friends with.

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Couple to Remarry after 48 Years of Divorce

NY Couple, 85, to Remarry 48 Years After Divorce – ABC News.

Do you have parents who are divorced?  Do you secretly wish they would remarry?  The couple in this article was divorced for 48 years (his second wife recently died) and they have decided after all these years to remarry.  Their children (well into their adult years) are super excited!  During their first marriage, they had no children… but at their second marriage, they’ll be supported by four additional generations.  Its pretty special.

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The Loss of a Hobby

I recently met an older woman and her husband here in Germany.  She was very friendly and described one of her favorite past times: square dancing.  She and her husband danced for many years, even when they retired.  They traveled to different countries, such as the US in competitions.  Dancing was a love for her.  It gave her physical exercise, social interaction with new people, allowed her to visit new cities and countries, and provided an activity she and her husband could enjoy together (thus strengthening their marriage).

She looked down in sadness as she spoke to us, describing the end of their dancing, as she had to have a hip replacement.  The hip replacement promised many additional years of her favorite past time. Unfortunately, there were complications and she can no longer dance.  Loosing the ability to dance not only affected her, it affected her husband (who no longer has a partner) and their close friends with whom they danced and traveled.  It was a substantial loss. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pets- Numerous Benefits for the Elderly

Pets for the Elderly: Research

Have you ever owned a pet?  I have owned two dogs.  I know that pets can relieve stress (and sometimes add some!)  Wanting to know more about seniors and the benefits of pet ownership, I did some research and found this site very informative.

It is a non-profit that “helps pay the fees to participating animal shelters throughout the United States for senior citizens (age 60 and over) who adopt a companion dog or cat from a participating shelter — including pre-adoption veterinary exams and spay/neuter, if part of the adoption fee”. Read the rest of this entry »

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