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Stray Dogs Visit Animal Lover’s Funeral to Mourn

ecuador-298335_1280Stray Dogs Visit Animal Lover’s Funeral to Mourn : Mobile.

In Mexico, Maria Suarez loved caring for stray dogs in her neighborhood.  After she passed away, she had stray dogs visit her and “mourn” during her funeral.  What was particularly interesting, was that the funeral was over 800 miles from her hometown; so these weren’t stray dogs she used to know.  I thought this was touching and quite amazing.

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Coping with the Death of Your Pet

cat-98359_640Coping with the Death of Your Pet – Petfinder.

I am currently reading a terrific biography on the life of Eleanor Roosevelt, titled Our Eleanor by Candace Flemming.  As you may know, her relationship with her husband President Franklin Roosevelt began sweetly, but ended with heart break.  He had multiple affairs and this greatly wounded Eleanor.  When he died in 1945, Eleanor did “not shed a tear” at his funeral.  However, when the couple’s beloved dog Fala died three years later, Eleanor “sobbed openly” at his funeral.  Fala was buried at the feet of Franklin Roosevelt at the Rose Garden of his estate at Hyde Park in New York.

My guess is when Franklin died, Eleanor did what many people do when they loose a spouse- portray strength; not weakness or vulnerability.  Mrs. Roosevelt would have especially done this since the entire world was watching her.  Even though the death of her dog was years after the death of her husband, perhaps her grief for Fala was amplified because she hadn’t fully dealt with the loss of her husband.

We should keep in mind that a person’s connection with a pet might be as strong as that to another human being.  The death of a pet can create serious grief.  Above, find a link to a wonderful resource about pet loss.  It discusses many different aspects of grief- from how children, seniors, and even other pets might deal with such sorrow.

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Missing Woman Buried With Her Dog


Missing woman laid to rest with dog who waited by her side for four days | Irish News | IrishCentral.

A grandmother with Alzheimer’s went missing for four days. She left the house walking her dog. Unfortunately, she did not survive and her body was found lying in a field. Her beloved pet stayed by her side and never left. Even though the dog survived, he was severely dehydrated and had to be put to sleep. The grandmother and dog were buried together. A sad but sweet story.

In this case a GPS bracelet would have been incredibly useful for the woman. I wonder if such an item exists?

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