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Suzanne Somers Talks About Health and Aging

Suzanne Somers talks health, aging – Interviews – Hannity – Fox News.

In this clip from Fox News, Suzanne Somers (65) is interviewed by Sean Hannity and discusses hormone replacement therapy.  Suzanne Somers takes multiple hormones and believes it has slowed some of her signs of aging.  She discussed her husband of 44 years who was tired most of the day.  He had a blood test (checking hormone levels) and his (Testosterone I believe) was very low.  He started taking hormones and now has increased energy.  I don’t know much about hormone therapy, but there could be real benefits.  It is important to discuss this with your doctor.  I only wish Mr. Hannity wouldn’t rush the discussion (and stop interrupting) and that there was an MD present for answers during the interview.

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