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Obesity and Cancer


This is a topic I am very passionate about because while many things in life are out of our control, what we choose to consume and do with our free time (having an active life-style, or not) is something we have a great deal of control over.  On that note, I think it is critical to be aware of the health impacts our bodies face if we are obese.  The good thing about our body weight, is that we can choose to take charge, choose a different path, and make better choices…. beginning today.  Today, we can be healthier.  Today we can take a step toward a longer life expectancy.

Below is an excerpt from an article I found very interesting (see link below).

“A study published Thursday in The New England Journal of Medicine found excess weight was linked to eight additional types of cancer— stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, ovary, the brain tumor meningioma, thyroid cancer and multiple myeloma— after reviewing more than 1,000 related studies.”

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New study links obesity to cancer risk


New study links obesity to cancer risk | Fox News Video.

Did you know one typical Thanksgiving meal will have around 2,000 calories… as much as we are supposed to consume in a typical day?

A recent study shows that there is a link between cancer and obesity.  It does not say being obese causes cancer.  It says that people with obesity tend to have a number of other health issues and that obesity seems to tip the scale as far as making a person more likely to get certain cancers; especially in women.

Having an “ideal body weight” will make you less likely to develop cancer.  If you are in the normal range for your sex and height, your risk for cancer may be reduced by up to 10%.

Again, we all know that having a healthy body, means making proper choices daily- its a lifestyle.

Some tips for being healthy:

  • Consume very little soda- soda is “liquid sugar” and it is one of the most unhealthy items you introduce to your body!  (Its even unhealthy as “diet”).  Drink water or low-fat milk for the calcium.
  • Eat out “rarely”…. our family’s goal is to eat out only once a month.  We tend to eat healthier at home and this also saves us money.  If you do eat out, go for the salad with low-fat dressing and a lean meat like chicken that has been baked, not fried.
  • Get up and move- don’t be a couch potato.  Even taking a walk is much, much better than nothing.
  • Take a multivitamin for nutrients you might not be getting enough of in your diet.
  • Get enough rest.  Americans don’t get enough of it.  It helps the mind and body recuperate.

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HBO Film on Health Crisis in America


HBO: The Weight of the Nation: Films: Main.

I was recently reminded of America’s health crisis when I read an article in our local paper about the top 10 ranked states for childhood obesity.  South Carolina (my state) was ranked 2nd in the nation for childhood obesity, and 10th in the nation for overall obesity.

This is a topic that is difficult to discuss because no one wants to come across as judgmental. However, the percentage of children with diabetes has been on the rise for many years now. Children who are obese, turn into adults who are obese (more often than not). This leads to a whole range of health problems for people of all ages- children turn into adults, and adults turn into seniors. Obesity increases your risk for: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and even things you wouldn’t even consider…. like pain in the joints from excess weight. Read the rest of this entry »

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Low Vitamin D Levels May Boost Alzheimer’s Risk

Low Vitamin D Levels May Boost Alzheimer’s Risk – Everyday Health.


Current research says that a lack of Vitamin D in your diet means you might be at greater risk for dementia.  According to this article, a diet high in Vitamin D may reduce your risk for dementia.  I know many people who say they rarely drinking milk as an adult.  Many people shy away from fatty foods like cheese.  But, according to this article, make sure you get enough of Vitamin D!  Being out in the sun will also help, but remember to limit your exposure.  Overall, having a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, spending time outdoors and keeping your mind stimulated is all necessary to maintain a youthful mind.  Some sources of Vitamin D are: Fish (especially salmon and tuna), milk, fortified cereal, pork, eggs, mushrooms, beef liver and ricotta cheese!

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The Top 10 Causes Of Death In 1900 And 2010.


The Top 10 Causes Of Death In 1900 And 2010..

Are you curious about the primary causes of death in the US in 1900 vs. 2010?  This graph from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list cancer and heart disease as the largest reason for death in 2010.  It is believed that changing life-style habits and diet are the primary reason for this.  It is well-known in the medical community that significant improvements can be made to a person’s health by: eating a healthier diet, increasing your daily exercise, reducing your stress level, stopping smoking, and by taking blood pressure medication (when needed).  What can you do today to reduce your risk for cancer and heart disease?

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Peruvian, 116, Claims to be Oldest Woman

Peruvian, 116, stakes claim to oldest-woman crown – Yahoo News.

This 116 year old woman from Peruvia claims to be the oldest woman.  She has an identification card to prove she has lived in three centuries.  She said she eats a “natural” diet of “potatoes, goat meat, sheep milk, goat cheese and beans,”  (and no soda!).  The only thing she wishes she had?  Her teeth.


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Sushi and Sleep- The Secret to Longevity


Sushi and sleep are the secrets to longevity, according to world’s oldest person | Fox News.

The oldest person alive is Mrs. Okawa.  She is Japanese and is 116 years old.  Her life has spanned three centuries.  She credits oily fish such as mackerel and eight hours of sleep per night to her longevity.

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Alzheimer’s Disease: What You Eat Influences Your Risk Factor

Alzheimer's disease: What you eat influences your risk factor – CBS News.

This is a great video on foods you should avoid in order to help protect your brain.

You should reduce/avoid:
-saturated fat (red meat and dairy high in fat)
-trans fat (cake, donuts, chips)
-cooking in these metal pans: iron, copper, aluminum

The article discusses that it is better to cook in a stainless steel pan (rather than cast iron).

You should eat:
-whole grains
(*Almonds are particularly good for the brain)

Don’t forget exercising: Getting out three times a week, (even for a brisk walk) for 30-40 minutes changes your brain for the better!

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Five Foods that Boost Your Memory

5 foods that boost memory | Fox News.

Isn’t it great that we can buy inexpensive items right at our grocery store that help boost our memory? According to this article, these foods can help your mind stay sharp:
Eggs (eat the yolk), apples (eat the peel), chocolate (it doesn’t clarify this- but based on past articles I’ve read, its dark chocolate, not milk/sugary chocolate that is best), spinach, and blackberries.

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