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A German Cemetery


As my four years in Germany comes to a close, I wanted to make sure I took at least one walk through a local cemetery.  I have driven by countless cemeteries in the US and have walked through a few.  I am like most people and try to avoid them, although I am extremely curious about the lives of the people who have passed.

As I walked through the cemetery today, I noticed a few things very interesting.  I noticed the cemetery was full of uniquely decorated plots with one-of-a-kind headstones and decorations that were neat and orderly.  The pretty items that were placed in front of the headstones looked pricey (compared to the plastic flowers in the US).  The decorations were not placed on grass, but dirt.  There were no weeds to be found in the entire cemetery.  I was told that the plot belongs to the family for only 25 years.  After that, there is an additional fee or another deceased person will be buried and placed on top.  This is due to limited land that can be used for cemeteries.

Walking through the cemetery today was a somber experience because it reminds me that my life and the lives of my loved ones is finite.  There was some sweetness in knowing that the memory of the deceased truly lives on in the lives of the living.  Certainly these living family members miss their loved ones dearly.  Germans are known to visit the cemetery often.

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QR Codes on Headstones

The ultimate dead spot? QR codes on headstones offer a digital legacy | Fox News.

Wow, this was interesting… technology is now entering the cemetery.  You can take your smart phone and scan a code placed on the headstone of a deceased family member and see an instant video of their life.  My first thought, is that it’s just a money making scheme.  (Hey, good for them- I need some money making ideas…)

For those those individuals who actually visit the cemetery, how many will want to see a video of the life of a deceased loved one right then and there?  It is certainly nice to see a video, but I’d rather do it at home on the couch.  It seems that it might be a little creepy and sad at the same time to watch the video while in the cemetery.

Two other issues to consider is the cost to buy the code/video and that anyone (not just family) could view the video.  What do you think?

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