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Will GM Tomatoes be Used to Fight Diseases in the Future?


Some people believe that genetically modified foods are unhealthy.  But the scientists at the John Innes Centre have developed a new strain of genetically modified tomatoes that are able to efficiently produce industrial volumes of natural disease-fighting compounds such as Resveratrol and Genistein.  Scientists believe this may be a good way to produce compounds that may be helpful in fighting disease or cancer- cheaply.

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New Drug May Stop Spread of Breast Cancer

pills-140186_640New drug in development to reverse spread of breast cancer | Fox News.

There are many people in the world battling breast cancer (mostly women, but also men).  This article discusses a breakthrough that is currently being conducted in Cardiff, Wales.  A study has found that by “suppressing the Bcl3 gene in mice, the spread of cancer was suppressed by more than 80 percent.”  It is hoped that a new drug will prevent a tumor from spreading to other organs.  Tiziana Pharmaceuticals is backing the research.  The article said it would take a full two years to go through the process of trials on humans.  It is exciting!  I hope this group finds great success.

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