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New Drug May Stop Spread of Breast Cancer

pills-140186_640New drug in development to reverse spread of breast cancer | Fox News.

There are many people in the world battling breast cancer (mostly women, but also men).  This article discusses a breakthrough that is currently being conducted in Cardiff, Wales.  A study has found that by “suppressing the Bcl3 gene in mice, the spread of cancer was suppressed by more than 80 percent.”  It is hoped that a new drug will prevent a tumor from spreading to other organs.  Tiziana Pharmaceuticals is backing the research.  The article said it would take a full two years to go through the process of trials on humans.  It is exciting!  I hope this group finds great success.

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Scientists Discover DNA Body Clock


Scientists discover DNA body clock | Science |

This was an incredibly interesting article about our bodies. Did you know that “while many healthy tissues age at the same rate as the body as a whole, some of them age much faster or slower. The age of diseased organs varied hugely, with some many tens of years “older” than healthy tissue in the same person, according to the clock.”

The article discussed some of the scientists’ findings- for example, the brain tumors of children were biologically aged over 80 years.

“Researchers say that unravelling the mechanisms behind the clock will help them understand the ageing process and hopefully lead to drugs and other interventions that slow it down.”

For more, read this fascinating article.

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Breast Cancer Screenings Cost Medicare $1 Billion

Breast Cancer Screenings Cost Medicare $1 Billion Annually – ABC News.

Have you ever considered how much money is spent screening for breast cancer?  According to an article this week from abc news, “Medicare spends almost as much money screening for breast cancer as it does treating it, according to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.”   For women age 75 and older, $410 million was spent.  A question was raised as to whether or not this was the best use of these funds (ie, is there a cheaper way to screen and were lives saved?)  The study only had a two year follow up with patients. The American Cancer Society still recommends annual breast cancer screenings for women over 40.

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