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Low Vitamin D Levels May Boost Alzheimer’s Risk

Low Vitamin D Levels May Boost Alzheimer’s Risk – Everyday Health.


Current research says that a lack of Vitamin D in your diet means you might be at greater risk for dementia.  According to this article, a diet high in Vitamin D may reduce your risk for dementia.  I know many people who say they rarely drinking milk as an adult.  Many people shy away from fatty foods like cheese.  But, according to this article, make sure you get enough of Vitamin D!  Being out in the sun will also help, but remember to limit your exposure.  Overall, having a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, spending time outdoors and keeping your mind stimulated is all necessary to maintain a youthful mind.  Some sources of Vitamin D are: Fish (especially salmon and tuna), milk, fortified cereal, pork, eggs, mushrooms, beef liver and ricotta cheese!

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Sushi and Sleep- The Secret to Longevity


Sushi and sleep are the secrets to longevity, according to world’s oldest person | Fox News.

The oldest person alive is Mrs. Okawa.  She is Japanese and is 116 years old.  Her life has spanned three centuries.  She credits oily fish such as mackerel and eight hours of sleep per night to her longevity.

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