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Sitting Too Long Speeds Up Aging Process


Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, shows that elderly people who sit for most of the day age quicker than their more active contemporaries.  According to James Goodwin, head of research at Age UK says, “people don’t realize that if you sit down all day it can undermine all the exercise you do”.  It is recommended that people stand up and move around every 20 minutes throughout the day.  For more about this interesting topic, see below.

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Suing A Nursing Home Could Get Easier Under Proposed Federal Rules


Source: Suing A Nursing Home Could Get Easier Under Proposed Federal Rules | Kaiser Health News

This is an article about a woman who wanted to file a claim against a nursing home and her experience.  It can be very difficult to prove the case of abuse and neglect in a long-term care facility without the use of technology (a video camera) because while abuse occurs, falls and other incidents of accidents also occur.  While it can be challenging for a family member to prove abuse, it can be even more so, to prove neglect.

In this article, a case is described where a man with dementia who had a history of wandering was placed in a nursing home, only to die within a month of complications from dehydration.  Is it possible the CNAs didn’t offer him enough to drink?  Yes, this is possible.  But did you know, some dementia patients who pace burn many calories (causing significant weight loss), while at the same time refuse to eat or drink enough to survive?  Many patients with dementia who pace could use the benefit of additional calories through a feeding tube (G-tube), but they are so restless or agitated, that in some cases a G-tube can’t be inserted due the the dementia patient being at high risk for pulling it out.

Monitoring the delivery of good patient care can be challenging.  I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

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Caregiving in the US -2009 Statistics


Source: Acknowledgements – Caregiving_in_the_US_2009_full_report.pdf

Are you a caregiver or know someone who is?  Caregiving for another person, whether it be a child or adult can take a great amount of physical and mental energy.  The stress of being a caregiver is sometimes overwhelming.  The latest statistics that I am able to locate on this topic is found at the above site.  Even though it dates back to 2009, it provides very detailed information for those who want to learn more about this topic.  The research was conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving, in collaboration with AARP.  It was funded by Metlife.

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7 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp


Source: 7 ways to keep your memory sharp at any age – Harvard Health

According to this article by Harvard Health, there are a few tips you can use every day to help keep your mind sharp.  Here are a few that I found interesting.

  • Keep Learning- challenge your brain to learn a new skill.  Take a college course, write your life story, volunteer in a position that teaches you new skills, put together a complicated puzzle, etc.
  • Use All Your Senses- try to use all your senses throughout the day.  For example, if you were to work in your yard, take the time to notice different colors, take in the smell of the earth, and notice different textures of your plants, etc.  Just like a child who is learning new information wants to touch everything and even taste, take in all of your surroundings.
  • Believe In Yourself- if you believe you can learn new information and keep your mind sharp as you age, you are going to be more successful doing so.
  • Organize Your Life- have a special place for your bills, keys, glasses, etc.  If you keep your life more organized, you will free up time to learn new things, rather than focusing too much time and energy on “where was that”?
  • Repeat What You Want To Know- after learning new information, such as a person’s name, immediately repeat what you want to recall verbally.  If you are introduced to John (for example) and if you are able to, immediately use John’s name in a sentence. You can say, “So John, where do you work”?
  • Space It Out- if you learn new information, repeat it in your mind and even speak it out loud throughout the day, not just upon learning it.

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Step Into Their World: The Parallel Universes of Alzheimer’s and Improv | Mockingbird

Do you have anyone in your life who has dementia or Alzheimer’s?  On This American Life podcast, you will hear the story of a family who has decided to venture into the world of Alzheimer’s disease on grandma’s terms.  Instead of trying to bring her into reality, they are attempting to live in, and play out her reality.  It is an interesting story.

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James Ellison, MD, MPH: Late-life depression – YouTube

Dr. Ellison specializes in geriatric psychiatry.  I thought his video was very informative.

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9 Beauty Habits That Give You Wrinkles


9 Beauty Habits That Give You Wrinkles | Women’s Health Magazine.

If you are like me, you want to avoid as many wrinkles as possible.  This is a terrific article, listing 9 items that give you wrinkles or make them more numerous.  Its a great read, especially for women.

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Suicide and The Elderly

When you consider those whom commit suicide, do you consider those in their 70’s or 80’s?  I don’t.  When I pause to consider this topic, I think of teenagers who don’t feel accepted by their peers and middle-aged men who are in a mid-life crisis or who have had a radical change in their finances.

Wanting to learn more about this issue, I read an article from USA Today (2007) regarding suicide in older adults.  The article gave a few real-life stories of suicide in the elderly and I was surprised how often this occurs.  Certainly, there are people from every age group (starting with young children) who commit suicide; but for some reason, suicide among the elderly rarely crosses my mind. Read the rest of this entry »

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Humorous Poem

Dr. Seuss
On the Golden Years

I cannot see
I cannot pee
I cannot chew
I cannot screw
Oh My God What can I do?

My memory shrinks
My hearing stinks
No sense of smell
I look like hell
My mood is bad–can you tell?

My body’s drooping
Have trouble pooping
The Golden Years have come at last
The Golden Years can kiss my ass.

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Your Turkey Neck

How to Get Rid of Your Dreaded Turkey Neck | Fox News Magazine.

Do you have a turkey neck?  I never knew a sagging neck was called a “turkey neck”.  The names sounds a little mean (but pretty funny as well)!  This article gives some tips on ways to help prevent this problem.   I actually tried a few of the exercises myself… I felt  ridiculous and was glad no one could see me.  I have often told my husband when I get older, I don’t want a tummy tuck or boob job… just fix my neck when it sags!

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