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Human Connection is Vital

This is one of the most touching videos I have ever seen. It reminds me that we all need human connection, at each and every age.

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Caring For Those Who Care

To learn more about this terrific series visit:

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Grandparents Matter


Have you ever considered how important your grandparents were to your life? Or perhaps, on the flip side, how you are influencing your grandchildren?

There is a web-site that provides some great tips to active grandparents. Check it out at:


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Live Life to the Fullest

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Suing A Nursing Home Could Get Easier Under Proposed Federal Rules


Source: Suing A Nursing Home Could Get Easier Under Proposed Federal Rules | Kaiser Health News

This is an article about a woman who wanted to file a claim against a nursing home and her experience.  It can be very difficult to prove the case of abuse and neglect in a long-term care facility without the use of technology (a video camera) because while abuse occurs, falls and other incidents of accidents also occur.  While it can be challenging for a family member to prove abuse, it can be even more so, to prove neglect.

In this article, a case is described where a man with dementia who had a history of wandering was placed in a nursing home, only to die within a month of complications from dehydration.  Is it possible the CNAs didn’t offer him enough to drink?  Yes, this is possible.  But did you know, some dementia patients who pace burn many calories (causing significant weight loss), while at the same time refuse to eat or drink enough to survive?  Many patients with dementia who pace could use the benefit of additional calories through a feeding tube (G-tube), but they are so restless or agitated, that in some cases a G-tube can’t be inserted due the the dementia patient being at high risk for pulling it out.

Monitoring the delivery of good patient care can be challenging.  I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

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Senior Citizens Pose Nude for Charity Calendar in Ohio

Senior Citizens Pose Nude for Charity Calendar in Ohio :

In this article women in their 80’s and 90’s find a creative way to raise money- they pose in some semi-nude photos.  The proceeds from the poster will go toward a charity that helps children.  At the bottom of this page though is an incredibly touching story- much more interesting….  Three sisters who are all over 100 all come together for a visit.  Apparently, they don’t all live close and it is well worth watching.

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New Jersey Man Writes Love Letter to His Wife Every Day for Almost 40 Years


New Jersey Man Writes Love Letter to His Wife Every Day for Almost 40 Years – ABC News.

I heard about this story on the radio this week and had to find it on the Internet.  Its about a man who has written a love letter to his wife for nearly 40 years.  Wow, what love he has for her and he is right- we need to take time to cherish those people who are with us (not just “stuff” so many people value).  The couple has boxes of letters that have been organized and are all cherished.  This video is very touching.

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