What’s Your Story?


Currently, I am working as a hospice volunteer coordinator.  Recently, I put together a list of items, or stories a parent or grandparent might want to write down and pass on.  It was the passing of my grandmother, that made me think of such a list.  Nene died this winter; she was 98.  She hadn’t been able to communicate much for years, and the opportunity to ask these type of questions, sadly is gone.

When I think about what is the most valuable item a person could leave for another person, I think it might be an “All About Me” journal.  This journal could be passed on for generations to come.  If you have an elderly person in your life, or someone who is on hospice, this is a terrific thing to do.

Purchase a good quality journal (acid free paper), have the person write down the answers in their own writing (printing-not cursive), or have another individual write down the answers.  If there are multiple children, find a way to make a copy of it.  Finally, attach personal photos in the journal.  Consider the best time to share it.  An individual who completes it him or herself, may want to share it with the “receiver”, or wrap it up and place it aside for a special gift for some time in the future.

*Click below, and continue on next page for my list:

My name, today’s date, my age today

-where were you born and raised

-which grandparent do you remember the most, and describe him or her

-describe your mom

-describe your dad

-tell me about your siblings

-where were you in the birth order… oldest, middle, youngest sibling

-tell the story of a happy childhood memory

-did you have any favorite pets growing up (name of pet)

– what was your school like growing up

– what was your favorite subject

-who was your favorite teacher and why

-did you play any sports

-did you attend a place of worship

– what was the first car you learned to drive

-did you go to any college & where

-where did you meet your spouse

– what attracted you to your spouse

– what kind of work did you used to do

– what did you enjoy about your job

-did you ever take any interesting trips & where

-did you have any children

-describe each child and some good qualities of that child

– what is your favorite food

– over the years, what talent did you have (what were you good at)

-if you could travel anywhere, where would you go

– what is some good advice you received from one of your parents or grandparents

– who was the most influential person in your life

– what advice would you want to pass along to others

-if you could meet anyone from history who would it be

-do you have a favorite quote or Bible verse

– what is your favorite song or singer

-if you were rich, what would you buy that you have always wanted

-what are you most thankful for

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