Caregivers and Their Need To Stop and Relax


Help and advice on improving your emotional health and feeling happier

Source: How to feel happier – Stress, anxiety and depression – NHS Choices

Many people are living a life where they would describe being constantly under medium to extreme stress; especially caregivers.  The stress of caregiving is compounded if caregivers provide personal care, are employed, and are still raising children.  If you are a caregiver, take the time to check out this web-site.  It has lots of tips on managing stress, learning to relax and improving your self-esteem.  At the top of the web page, is a five minute sound bite you can listen to when you are alone.  It will guide you through a short, full body relaxation technique.  Caregivers who take just a few minutes each day to relax find they are much less stressed and able to cope with life’s demands.  It can also be very beneficial to ask a trusted friend for help or look into local community resources for respite care for your loved one.  The United Way or the Alzheimer’s Association are two resources that you should contact for more information on this topic.

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