7 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp


Source: 7 ways to keep your memory sharp at any age – Harvard Health

According to this article by Harvard Health, there are a few tips you can use every day to help keep your mind sharp.  Here are a few that I found interesting.

  • Keep Learning- challenge your brain to learn a new skill.  Take a college course, write your life story, volunteer in a position that teaches you new skills, put together a complicated puzzle, etc.
  • Use All Your Senses- try to use all your senses throughout the day.  For example, if you were to work in your yard, take the time to notice different colors, take in the smell of the earth, and notice different textures of your plants, etc.  Just like a child who is learning new information wants to touch everything and even taste, take in all of your surroundings.
  • Believe In Yourself- if you believe you can learn new information and keep your mind sharp as you age, you are going to be more successful doing so.
  • Organize Your Life- have a special place for your bills, keys, glasses, etc.  If you keep your life more organized, you will free up time to learn new things, rather than focusing too much time and energy on “where was that”?
  • Repeat What You Want To Know- after learning new information, such as a person’s name, immediately repeat what you want to recall verbally.  If you are introduced to John (for example) and if you are able to, immediately use John’s name in a sentence. You can say, “So John, where do you work”?
  • Space It Out- if you learn new information, repeat it in your mind and even speak it out loud throughout the day, not just upon learning it.

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