Government Says Four Cancer Charities are Scams


Government says four cancer charities are shams –

I recently read this article and it shocking.  There has been a “massive nation-wide fraud” by multiple cancer charities in the US.  The government investigated multiple cancer charities; one of which is the well-known Breast Cancer Society.  Many of the individuals who stole funds from the charities listed in this article were related.  Most of the money raised by these charities from 2008-2012 was spent on lavish life-styles: expensive cars, trips, college tuition, etc. Two of the four charities have been shut down and the government’s goal is to shut down the remaining two. Only about 3% of the money raised by these organizations went to those affected by cancer or research.  $187 million was stolen.
Below, please see an updated letter from Mr. Reynolds, with the Breast Cancer Society

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