Stanford Center on Longevity


Stanford Center on Longevity.

Did you know there was a Center on Longevity at Stanford that studies many facets of aging?  I read about this program in Time magazine and thought it was very interesting.  An article about Dr. Laura Carstensen, the Director of Longevity at Stanford, suggests two activities that will help individuals live healthier lives.  Of course, we know about staying physically fit, but Carstensen suggests going through the process of solving a “big” problem, which keeps the mind sharp.

Not sure how to download that app, or make an amazing quiche?  Keep trying something new!  I have read it is terrific mental exercise to try to master an instrument or a foreign language.  What about volunteering for a non-profit that needs guidance for some aspect of their program to be more successful?  Help them problem solve!  For more information on this program at Stanford, check out this link to their website or visit Dr. Carstensen’s page.

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