Obesity clips up to 8 years off your life, says study


Obesity clips up to 8 years off your life, says study.

My husband and I recently decided to update our life insurance.  Next week, we have a nurse coming out to do a full exam- which entails items like taking our family history and blood work.  We have already been inundated by a long list of personal questions.

Here are some the typical questions you will have to answer if you buy life insurance:

  • Family history for HBP, high cholesterol, stroke, cancer, etc.
  • Smoking status
  • Use of alcohol or drugs
  • Mental illness
  • Height and weight
  • International business travel to certain countries

My husband has been watching his weight lately any way, and we were told if he got his weigh under a certain number, he’d have cheaper monthly payments.  Even though neither one of us have any serious health risks, the cost for his life insurance was more expensive than mine just because he’s male.

I recently read an article about how obesity can negatively impact your health.  It has been documented to reduce an individual’s life expectancy.  This is of substantial concern for Americans, as many are obese and far too many extremely obese.  For more on this topic, please read the article above.

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