Does It Matter Whether We’re Cremated or Buried?


Does It Matter Whether We’re Cremated or Buried? | Desiring God.

Do you have a loved one in your life who is aged?  Have you discussed their choice for burial or cremation?  Do you plan to respect their wishes?

This is an issue I have pondered for years, as I consider my grandmother who is in her 90’s and confused.  She stated clearly to me years ago, that she wanted to be buried by my grandfather.  I realize that the decision to bury her lies with her adult children (not me).  I can only hope they will respect her wishes.

I have considered both the pros and cons in relation to burial versus cremation- not only for my grandmother, but for my parents and myself.  There are different issues that affect people’s decisions:  cultural and religious traditions, financial impacts, and even environmental aspects.

Today, I read an article by a Christian who stated that the Christian tradition is to bury the dead.  John Piper stated it well, “The biblical pattern is that burning your children is pagan and burying your loved ones is a sign that you believe in the resurrection.”   Many Christians still bury their dead, but there has been an increase lately in cremation.  The Jewish tradition is to bury their dead.  I have read that Hindus cremate their dead and Muslims bury their dead.

This is certainly a sensitive topic, but one that should be discussed with our loved ones.  What do you think?


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