Faith Through Difficult Times


I recently met a man who told me of his many health issues- including cancer in a kidney (it was removed), cancer in his hip and diabetes that has done serious damage to his stomach- so much so, that he will have surgery to have most of it removed.  He told me that only a small stomach will remain and may continue to be damaged by diabetes.  He began discussing his faith in God and that God had healed him before….

Some time ago, he went to the doctor to ask for a test to check the progression of a cancer.  The doctor told him it was over $20,000 for this special test and that the man would owe the full bill IF cancer was found.  There was no cancer.

The man said he believes that through his sickness, he has been able to witness to his doctor and other people he meets.  He said all that he has on Earth is Christ’s and that nothing is his own.  He was only in his early 50’s and had a tremendous faith.  He said no matter the future, he’s at peace.

As we age, we may face situations like this man.  When people have faith they are able to face hardships with peace in way others cannot.  Faith plays a significant role in the life of many people.

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