Stroke and the Physical Effects


Stroke: Physical effects on either side of the brain

Do you know anyone who has had a stroke?  My father had one years ago and his life was forever changed.  He spent time at a VA hospital and was a very different person for the first few months.  He was bed bound, couldn’t swallow- had to get a temporary feeding tube, and his personality was altered.  Once when I visited him, he was swinging his arms at me like he wanted to fight.

Now, five- six years later, he’s much more “normal”.  He can do very few things for himself like cooking, showering, putting clothes in/out of the washing machine, etc.  He spends a lot of time watching TV and coloring with colored pencils and does a terrific job!

He has never lived independently again.  He has lived in a nursing home or an apartment with help.  Currently, he is in an a apartment and a CNA comes to help him shower a few times per week.  Thank goodness my brothers live in the same town and check in on him daily.  I wish I lived closer and could help.

Above is a good article on the effects of stroke.   If you have a history of strokes in your family like I do, there are many things you can do right now to help prevent a stroke- stop smoking, keep your blood pressure under control, reduce alcohol consumption if you are a big drinker, take actions to reduce stress in your life, loose weight, and increase your daily exercise.

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