Troubled vets of all ages find comfort at refuge


Troubled vets of all ages find comfort at refuge | Fox News.

As we honored veterans this week, I came across this interesting article.  Have you ever stopped to consider that hundreds of men and women enter the call of duty every day in our nation?  Many of them leave their time in service, only to find themselves emotionally crippled… addicted to drugs or alcohol, in a failing marriage, or unable to hold a job.

My father was a Vietnam vet and I remember he struggled with some PTSD, even when I was in high school.  Most people don’t know how to help such veterans, because they can’t relate to what they have been through.

Fortunately, we have amazing people in our country, such as Melony Butler- the founder of the Eagle’s Healing Nest.  It is a home for vets of all ages- from those who fought in Vietnam to Afghanistan.  The goal is for them to attend the home for a time, find healing- then return to their own family, both healthy and whole.

Melony Butler was the step-daughter to a vet, wife to a vet, and mother to a soldier.  Her idea to open a boarding house has helped many men find hope and comfort in other veterans.  For more, please read the article.  Consider making a donation to them!

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