Facing Death With Unbelievable Courage

bookYears ago, an acquaintance of mine shared the story of her mother who died at age 46.  It was such a touching story; I still recall it today.  Jo Brown of Anderson, S.C. was a mother of two who was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer.  She was a Christian and wasn’t afraid of death and didn’t want her children or grandchildren to be scared either.  She had a credo “God doesn’t make mistakes.  I rest my soul in Him.”

In the last three months of her life, Jo Brown was very open about her sickness, allowed her friends to help with tasks around the house, and even visited her “resting place”.  She has left a tremendous legacy of love and courage to her family and others.

Below is an excerpt from the book where Jo is being very open about her cancer with her grandchildren.

On one of my visits, Jo told me she wanted her grandchildren to understand what was happening to her and to understand something about death.  “With the grandchildren, and especially with Trapper, I’ve been able to talk in detail about death as a natural part of life”, she said.  “We’ve often cried together.  Trapper has asked me questions I can’t answer.  Even Anna and Scooter understand that their JoJo is very sick.  We talk about this just like we talk about anything else so that we can deal with it.  I’ve taken my clothes off to show them where the cancer is located and where the needles go into my body.  They know they have to rub me very lightly now.  Anna rubs my tummy every time she comes in and Scooter always asks me, ‘JoJo are you well now?  Can I drink after you?’

This is a book that everyone should read; but especially important for professionals who care for terminal patients and their families.  If you are interested in purchasing the book, please contact me at:  allagingblog@googlemail.com


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