Grief, Mourning, and Loss: Unhealthy Ways of Coping


Grief, Mourning, and Loss: Unhealthy Ways of Coping.

I recently read an article about a 57 year old man whose wife died in the tsunami three years ago in Japan.  Her body was never recovered.  The husband has learned to scuba dive in hopes of finding his wife.  How much he must love her and how sad he will be to never see her again.  (Only a few bones have been found recently).  *See article below.

As the world is waiting to hear what happened to the Malaysia jet that disappeared, I have pondered:  is there such a thing as unhealthy grieving?  I found helpful information at  On the site is a list of unhealthy ways of coping such as:

  • denying you are grieving
  • being anxious or depressed
  • engaging in risk-taking behavior such as drinking excessively and driving, compulsive spending, and sexually acting out
  • being an abuser, a victim, or both
  • over-eating, under-eating and other “overs and unders”
  • being controlling
  • hoarding

I would agree with all of these things except the one about being anxious or depressed.  I think a time of this is completely normal.  I would love to read your thoughts on this issue.

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