‘Miracle’ as Mississippi Man Wakes Up in Body Bag

‘Miracle’ as Mississippi man wakes up in body bag at funeral home | Fox News.

A man from Mississippi was pronounced dead by the coroner Wednesday evening around 9pm.  His body was taken to the funeral home and placed in a body bag.  Early Thursday morning (as he was about to be embalmed) he started kicking.  The coroner had only one thing to say “it’s a miracle”.  The coroner believed his pacemaker stopped working and then started again.  What a terrific story.  I have read books and have been told of miracles throughout the years.  I have no doubt they occur.  But… this lead me to learn more about pacemakers.  There is much to know and understand.

Here is a link from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute with great information on pacemakers.


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