Maria Franziska von Trapp Dies at the Age of 99

Salzburg, Austria

House in Salzburg, Austria

Maria Franziska von Trapp passes away at the age of 99 | Mail Online.

The last living member of the real von Trapp family died this week at age 99.  A family friend said they were surprised Maria Franziska lived the longest, as she had a heart condition.  It was Maria’s family that was portrayed in the world famous movie Sound of Music.  The real von Trapp family fled to the US during the Nazi control of Austria during WWII.

I have been to Salzburg, Austria where her family was from.  It is a beautiful town and there is a special Sound of Music tour visitors can still take today.  It shows all the major sites where the movie was filmed.  Salzburg has a beautiful castle and downtown area.  For more about Maria Franziska and her family, read this article.

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