Tauck Tours- Great for Seniors


Tours, small ship cruises, river cruises and family travel adventures at Tauck.com.

Do you  have a fond memory of a trip?  When I was a teenager, my grandmother took me on a week long tour of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.  We went with Tauck Tours.  It is a company that organizes the entire trip- from beginning to end.  All the hotels were chosen and booked ahead of time.  A tour bus took us from town to city.  I remember staying in New Orleans and riding through the city in a carriage.  It was terrific experience because I sat back, relaxed and took in the experience.  I have a vivid memory of our tour guide.   A middle-aged woman with brown hair who was very friendly and could recall with ease all the interesting facts about our stops.  Many on our tour were seniors and they were clearly enjoying themselves.

I have lived in Europe now for almost four years.  I have spent hours upon hours researching and planning trips.  My family of five has been crammed in our little VW Touran as we have driven to Amsterdam, Prague, and many other cities.  We have hauled our three children around, carried luggage in and out of hotels and eaten so many sandwiches (in order to stay within a budget) at some point on each trip, we say “no more sandwiches!”  Even though we have seen amazing sights and have fond memories, we often return home and say to ourselves “was that really a vacation?”

With the Tauck Tours, there was no extra work- only fun.  If you are a senior and are interested in such an adventure, check out this web site for destinations and prices.  Don’t go alone!  Take a friend.

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