Deep Brain Stimulation- Help for Parkinson’s


Stunning Video Shows Parkinson’s Patient Before and After Turning ‘Deep Brain’ Treatment Device Off | Video |

Did you know someone who has Parkinson’s? Did know there was a rather new, radical treatment to treat those with Parkinson’s? It is called DBS, or Deep Brain Stimulation. They are neurotransmitters that are placed deep in the brain where electrical nerve signals create the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

A video is included of how this young man, Andrew Johnson (only 35) looks with and without the transmitters running. There is a device, like a remote control that allows you to cut it (DBS) on and off. The video is sad, fascinating, and exciting all at the same time. It is mostly exciting, because it means those with Parkinson’s have a future where there can be some true relief.

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