Cure for Cancer… In the Intestines?

A cure for cancer – in the intestines? | Fox News.

This was an incredibly interesting article. It discussed how chemotherapy greatly damages the cells lining the intestines. This makes it difficult for cancer patients to absorb nutrients- making it even more difficult to remain strong and healthy while fighting cancer. A doctor hopes that if you can create new cells in the lining of the intestine, the survival rate from cancer could be much higher. Stimulating stem cells in the intestine wall would allow for: higher doses of chemotherapy (better to kill the cancer), better ingestion of nutrients, and fewer problems like diarrhea or constipation.

A study was performed using hundreds of rats with late-stage, metastatic cancer. “All of the mice received a lethal dose of chemotherapy, but only half were given SLIT2 or an analogous protein called R-SPONDIN1 to stimulate intestinal cell regeneration.”

“Of the mice that didn’t receive the proteins, 100 percent died within two weeks of radiation treatment. But of the mice who did receive the proteins, 50 to 75 percent survived the lethal chemotherapy dose, and subsequently, the cancer.”

Amazing! The article discussed hopes to take this study to clinical trials with humans. There is great hope for the future and the fight against cancer.

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