Best Dog Breeds For The Elderly


Best Dog Breeds For The Elderly.

Do you have a senior in your life who recently lost a loved one or who is home-bound? Have you considered a dog to keep your loved one company? The benefits of dog ownership for a senior are tremendous. This article is a quick read and suggests dog breeds for seniors.

It also gives some interesting tips. For example, seniors with poor eye sight may not want a dark colored dog; as it is harder to see at night. (The senior might not see the dog at night and trip over it- possibly being injured).

A dog can increase the physical activity of a senior (who has to feed & water it and take it outside multiple times a day to walk or potty:) A dog provides companionship. When a senior touches and talks to the dog, he or she will experience a reduction in stress and anxiety (and thus, be happier). A dog may even increase a senior’s safety- barking when someone is at the door or outside a window.

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