Women’s Hair Loss: Thinning Hair Causes, Treatments, and Styles


Women’s Hair Loss Pictures: Thinning Hair Causes, Treatments, and Styles.

I most often think of men when it comes to thinning hair.  I never do a “double take” when I see a man with thinning hair or a man who is bald.  Have you ever seen a woman who has very thin hair or a receding hair line?  If so, you may  have looked, and shamefully…. looked again.  This is a problem that many women face.  It can be very depressing and difficult to cope with.  Most societies have placed tremendous emphasis on external beauty- for both sexes, but particularly for women.

For many people, their self-worth is wrapped up in their looks.  When they reach a point where they aren’t happy with what they see in the mirror (sagging skin, wrinkles, gray hair) they begin to self-loath.  They are no longer content or  happy.

But!  Have you ever known people who aren’t the “best-looking”, but who are very confident and cheerful?  They seem to be truly at peace with who they are?  What is it that they have that you are drawn to?  Joy.  They have a terrific smile and warm heart.  Your day is brightened by running into them.  Ultimately, personality overrides beauty and eventually if you live long enough, your beauty will fade (so will that of your peers).  If you are struggling with thinning or receding hair, and you feel unhappy about it, know you aren’t alone!

There are various factors that contribute to thinning hair.  For example, stress, crash diets, thyroid problems and simply getting older.  Read this article above- it gives advice to individuals who are dealing with these issues.  Perhaps make an appointment to talk to your doctor.


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