Thinning Hair- It Can Be Embarrassing


Thinning Hair Care: Coloring, Styles, Shampoos, Cosmetic Products, and More.

For those of you who have experienced the thinning of your hair or even the loss of your hair, know that you aren’t alone.  You may have felt unattractive or old.  My own hair has been thinning over the years.  I have issues with my thyroid and just recently made an appointment with my dermatologist.  Did you know that hair loss can be due to a number of issues, such as:  stress, problems with your thyroid or hormones, and even infections of the skin on your scalp?

How many of you have a strong reaction when you see a man with thinning hair?   It is pretty normal- every fifth guy you see seems to have this issue at some level.  BUT, if you see a woman with super thin hair who looks like she is going bald, you can’t help but do a “double take” (without being seen of course).

There was a young woman who I saw quite often at our local grocery store.  She worked at the check-out.  Her hair was getting so thin, she was going completely bald at the top half of her head.  Seeing her made me feel terrible for her (and really good that my hair wasn’t that bad… but at the same time worried that mine could one day look like that).  I haven’t seen her for months, and I had the thought that perhaps she is too embarrassed to work face-to-face with customers.  (She actually looked like a real sweetie).

According to this article, there are 30 million American women who suffer with abnormal hair loss.  There is hope, in that your hair loss could be related to a health problem (that once corrected), could improve your hair growth.  I suggest reading this great article from and then visiting your doctor with all your questions.  Perhaps he can check your thyroid and hormone levels.  If you have any thoughts on this topic, I’d like to read them.

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