QR Codes on Headstones

The ultimate dead spot? QR codes on headstones offer a digital legacy | Fox News.

Wow, this was interesting… technology is now entering the cemetery.  You can take your smart phone and scan a code placed on the headstone of a deceased family member and see an instant video of their life.  My first thought, is that it’s just a money making scheme.  (Hey, good for them- I need some money making ideas…)

For those those individuals who actually visit the cemetery, how many will want to see a video of the life of a deceased loved one right then and there?  It is certainly nice to see a video, but I’d rather do it at home on the couch.  It seems that it might be a little creepy and sad at the same time to watch the video while in the cemetery.

Two other issues to consider is the cost to buy the code/video and that anyone (not just family) could view the video.  What do you think?

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