Weight in The U.S. – There are Real Consequences

HBO: The Weight of the Nation: Films: Main.

Is your health important to you?  If you said “yes”, then great!  I’ll challenge you to watch this incredibly important documentary about the weight (health) crisis in the U.S.  After watching it, I’ll ask you again… “Is your health important to you?”  You might rethink some of your daily choices in regards to nutrition and exercise.  Having watched the first three parts of this documentary, and having lived in another country for two years, I can say that my own views on health have changed.

I have had high cholesterol for years.  Once checked, I would change my eating habits for a while, then go back into my usual pattern of behavior.  I have had my cholesterol checked twice here in Germany and each time it was in the normal (good) range.  That’s awesome!  There are two main differences in life here.  One, there are significantly less fast food restaurants and two, I do a LOT more walking.

When I return to the US, one thing I plan to do, is to reduce my egg biscuit consumption.  (My greatest temptation- Bojangles egg biscuits… Ahhh!)  What things do you need to change in your diet?  How can you increase your daily exercise?

I came across this HBO documentary a few months back and have watched it in the evening like a television show.  It is in four parts.  It is the most important documentary I have seen in years.  The consequences to Americans could be very serious- if individuals, families, and organizations like public schools don’t make a stand for healthy eating.

For the first time in US history, it is estimated that the life expectancy for our present day children will be SHORTER than that of their parents.  Its sad.  Please watch the documentary, pass it on to friends and let me know what you think.

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