My Dad’s Favorite Thing: Coloring

Coloring Books: Coloring fun and challenges for all ages.

Do you have a loved one who has had a stroke?  Over the past few years, my father has had multiple strokes and was placed in a nursing home at the age of 65.  He is bed-bound and can do very little on his own.  He isn’t a fan of watching TV or reading.  So, how does he fill his day?  He practices his hand coordination by writing words and coloring.  It may sound a little nuts that an adult (much less a man) spends so much time coloring.  I’m actually proud of him for working to improve his hand strength.  I can connect with the fun of coloring because I have done various artwork over the years.

One of my father’s favorite things over the years was watching the birds at his bird feeders.  So, this past Christmas, I began looking for coloring books that weren’t Spider Man or Cinderella (yes, he’d color those girly types too).  I found AMAZING coloring books on put out by the Dover company.  (You can actually do a search under adult coloring books).  I ordered a box from Amazon.  (For example, see the Dover coloring book called “Beautiful Birds in Mated Pairs”).  I like the grown-up themes such as “Historic American Landmarks”.…. you just won’t believe the choices.   The more I ordered, the cheaper each coloring book got…. plus free shipping.  It should be enough for him to color each day, till next Christmas.

Over the years, I’ve given dad various gifts.  He wasn’t a guy who was into receiving gifts…. but for the first time EVER, last Christmas, I felt dad really liked what I bought him.  I’ll have to check back with him and order more this Fall.

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