Ann Curry: Her Clothes and Grey Hair

Ann Curry: NBC Bosses Didn’t Like My Colorful Clothes, Grey Hair | Mediaite.
I recently spoke to a woman who is probably in her late 50’s.  She was wearing a colorful skirt and top (with a yellow and orange print).  I told her she looked great wearing it and how I am hesitant to buy any colorful clothes with patterns because I feel they are out of style the very next day.  (It seems that boring solids are a better investment). She said when she was younger, she wore a lot of solid colors; mainly black and white.  She believes now that she is older, color and pattern are more attractive.  She said that she often looks tired and doesn’t have as much color in her face.  She said she is happy for people to notice her clothes when they first look at her.

I felt a little sad for her, as perhaps she feels less attractive than she did as a younger woman.  (She is actually quite attractive and I hope to look as good as her down the road).  She brings up a good point though- wearing solid “natural colors” such as grey, brown, black and white may not be as attractive as you age.  It might be even less attractive if you have grey or white hair (sorry to offend anyone).

I looked for an article about the use of colors and patterns as you age, but didn’t find one easily.  I did however, find an article about the former NBC Today co-anchor Ann Curry and her desire to wear bright clothes (yeah!) and her decision to NOT dye her hair (she wants to age naturally).  Apparently her bosses didn’t like either one of these….

What do you think?

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