Man With Alzheimer’s Handcuffed On Trip To Hospital

Police slammed after Alzheimer’s man, 84, is handcuffed in ambulance on way to hospital | Manchester Evening News –

On vacation, I read this article in a local newspaper.  A confused elderly man with Alzheimer’s needed to be transported in an ambulance.  A police officer was present.  Apparently, the man was agitated and was restrained on the ambulance bed.  He was so agitated, he got out of his restraint (the restraints I have seen before are made of strong velcro).  He was then handcuffed.  The police officer said it was for the safety of the elderly man (as the man may have tried to open the ambulance door while it was moving).  I guess the only other option was for the elderly man to be physically held down.  I know from my past work experience that a confused elderly person (even one that is thin and frail) can be very strong when agitated.  I don’t fully understand why the daughter wasn’t present (her presence certainly would have been beneficial).  I think this was a stressful situation and the officer did the best he could.  If the officer held the older man down, he could have unintentionally injured the man because he was so frail.  What is your thought?

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  1. #1 by Brooke McGillivray on July 30, 2012 - 11:55 pm

    I agree with you. I am full-time caregiver for an elderly relative with dementia with delusions. She is small and weighs very little, but when she is agitated, angry, confused, she has incredible strength and has moved pieces of furniture that I would have struggled with!

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