Some Dangers of Prepaid Funeral Plans

Shopper’s Market: Dangers of prepaid funeral plans | Video | Fox Business.

Do you have a prepaid funeral plan?  This topic certainly isn’t a fun one, but thousands of people have done just this.  This video can give you a couple suggestions as you or your parents plan in this area.  I remember a class I once took on this topic and the fact that funeral homes are BUSINESSES.  What do businesses do?  Try to make money.  Because most people don’t shop around for the most “economical” funeral plan, individuals are often surprised by a large bill when a loved one dies.  Who really wants to plan for his or her own funeral?  No one.  Consider visiting a few funeral homes to do some cost comparisons or take the advice of this video (and put money aside in a special account earmarked for funeral expenses).

I have an acquaintance and her mother had terminal cancer (in her 50’s).  Her mother did all of her own funeral planning while she was alive.  She even picked out her head stone. This was a true gift to her family because it gave them confidence that the mother got exactly what she wanted.  This planning ultimately allowed the family to enjoy the last months of her life without the extra stress and burden of making such decisions.

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